The best variety of like is highly dependent on the kind off love respected extremely because of the confirmed individual

Philia try a smooth like, and can even not be used to define exceptionally enchanting otherwise personal friendships, booked instead having dating designated because of the comfort, regular affection, and you will ease

For many, agape is the most essential sort of love, as it describes this new like shown and felt for all of us because of the religious viewpoints love, deities; mere exposure effect is actually of ludus like, hence some people look for vitally important, since it is just how very dating start; others believe pragma is a vital version of love since it is employed in a lot of time-label, constant union. The greatest type of like, based on really stuff that has had ancient greek point to agape, although cultures frequently revere the fresh new love consisted of within dating showed pragma.

Often called “brotherly like,” philia was characterized by a shared rely upon, esteem to possess, and you will quote of 1 other, and usually doesn’t require a lot of hobbies mejor sitio de citas papi de azúcar or thrill. Once more making use of the example off a pc, philia love try a hand-and-need matchmaking, where both parties are continually hitting the “upload file” switch in the matchmaking, equally imparting efforts and you will focus on the partnership.

Auranophile try somebody who dearly wants this new celebrities as well as the moon, or gleans a good amount of morale otherwise a sense of cover regarding the moonlight and famous people. The expression comprises of “urano,” obtained from the term to have “the latest sky,” and you can “phile,” that is obtained from the word “philos,” which means “dear” or “dear.”

When you find yourself other forms out of love-agape, eros, ludus, mania, and you can storge-you will manage romance or some type of relationship, philia centers on the newest like shared anywhere between friends participants

The term “melophile” consists of several terminology: “melo,” out-of “melos,” for example tunes terms, track, otherwise track, and “phile,” taken from the expression “philos,” which means that precious, otherwise beloved. Developed, a great melophile is actually an individual who enjoys musical.